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Well, my last swim of the year...! Tradition has it with this group that the one who swims is the one who writes the blog. Today I was the only one. They ask me what did I swim today and I ask them what have you portaged today!


Somehow I have been adopted and shown much kindness by this group. In the last 7 days I have run 6 rivers here in Pucon, most with these guys. Its a strong group and while I can only understand them when we speak in English or are on the river (seeing the same universal language of excitement and concern), I feel as if I have made some new friends.

Let us see if I can get all the names: Harry, Thomas, Menno, Gert, Wim, Birdie, Koert, Pepe, Jan, Famke, Sandy, David (Sickie)and Kevin and Sarah-14 in all(oh, and let's not forget Josh and Alberto) so 16!

So you can imagine with such a big group it takes along time to do anything, but hell, it's South America and everything takes more time than it should-el vivo tranquillo...there's always an Escudo at the bottom...burp (hands on your foreheads!)

I tell them all you come to Colorado for some boating and adventure, maybe onbe day, time will tell...

For now, it is the last day of the year with a new one coming. Cheers! Happy trails my new friends, may ours cross once again! Salud and felice nuevo ano amigos!


hierna feest in Pucon, tot diep in de nacht en de volgende dag laat op weg terug naar Santago de Chile

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